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Yuri Oganessian standing in front of a white board

New element in periodic table to be named after Yuri Oganessian

One of the four new elements recently added to the periodic table – with an atomic number of 118 – will be named oganesson (Og), which bears the name of Russian physicist Yuri Oganessian, a TIAS Faculty Fellow with the Class of 2014-15.(Read More)

John Junkins received the Texas A&M Foundation's inaugural Partner in Philanthropy Faculty Award for his commitment to philanthropy at Texas A&M University.

First Recipient of Partner in Philanthropy Faculty Award 

The Texas A&M Foundation recognized John Junkins, distinguished professor of aerospace engineering, as the inaugural Partner in Philanthropy Faculty Award recipient for his outstanding commitment to enhancing the efforts of fundraising. (Read More)


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The Division of Research recently created the Research@Texas A&M website, research.tamu.edu, to showcase stories about the results of research from University-affiliated campuses, colleges, division, units, and agencies that demonstrate research advances, impacts, and successes. Maintained by the Division, the website also serves as a venue for highlighting research priorities and for showcasing, where possible, the University’s research capabilities.